The Future of Net Neutrality

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New neutrality might be weakened under Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the FCC.

Ajit Pai, President Donald Trump's choice to lead the Federal Communications Commission, is taking a page from his boss' book and moving quickly to roll back regulations. In the process, he's raising questions about the future of equal access to the internet.

That equal access is known as "net neutrality." Pai's actions, within days of becoming chairman — plus previous comments he made when he was a commissioner at the FCC during the Obama administration — have consumer advocates worried. Previously, the FCC had approved nine companies to provide low-income people with discounted internet service, but he reversed that decision, saying it had been rushed through before the election. But he has also taken steps that could increase transparency at the independent agency, which regulates television, radio, cable and wireless service.

This week on Money Talking, host Charlie Herman discusses the new chairman and the future of internet access with Cecilia Kang of The New York Times and Brian Fung with The Washington Post.


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