The Future of General Motors and High-Speed Trading

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Mary Barra, a new CEO of US carmaker General Motors GM addresses the media during a news conference at the headquarters of the company's German subsidiary Opel in Ruesselsheim, on January 27, 2014.

An internal investigation at General Motors into a faulty ignition switch concludes that there's been an 11-year history of failures at the company. But in releasing the report Thursday, the company's CEO, Mary Barra, said there is no proof of a conspiracy to hide the issue. The faulty ignition switch that costs less than a dollar to replace has been blamed for more than a dozen deaths. It also led to recalls of millions of vehicles and resulted in a multi-million-dollar fine, with even more payouts expected. This week on Money Talking, regular contributors Joe Nocera of the New York Times and Rana Foroohar of Time magazine discuss the report and what it means for GM's future. Plus, a discussion of new SEC recommendations that target high-speed trading.