Fu Manchu Survives: An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear : Slideshow

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“The Great Fear of the Period—That Uncle Sam May be Swallowed by Foreigners. The Problem Solved” (San Francisco: White & Bauer Lithographers, late 1860s). Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
“The Jolly Giant’s Artist Agrees with Darwin.” Thistleton’s Jolly Giant, The Critic, vol. 2, no. 19 (Feburary 21, 1874) cover. Courtesy of the Wong Ching Foo Collection.
“Rough on Rats,” trade card (c. 1880s). Photo by Phillip Chen. Courtesy of the Lenore-Metrick Chen Collection.
M. P. Shiel, The Yellow Danger (London: Grant Richards, 1898). Fales British Collection. Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University.