Freshkills Park To Open for Sneak Peeks

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Freshkills Park, formerly the world’s largest landfill, is open for two sneak peeks this weekend. Saturday, hikers can tour the the 2,200 acre park; Sunday, cyclists can loop through on the Tour de Staten Island. 

Eloise Hirsch, administrator of Fishkills Park, says the former dump will surprise people.

"They will not smell anything, other than grasses and trees just starting to come out. There is not the kind of garbage smell with people that have associated with that site," Hirsch says. "All kinds of birds, raptors and meadow birds are out there. It is the largest expanse of pure meadow in this whole region. We have a herd of deer, although they probably will not be out for the hike."

Both events are sold out, but people can sign up at the Parks Department website for upcoming hikes, tours and kayaking. Alternately, people can still sign up to volunteer for the Tour de Staten Island.