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A Frenchwoman's Non-Holiday, Holiday Movie Guide

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We know you're tired of all of the standard holiday season film suggestions, so why don't you channel your twin desires to veg out in front of the tube and expand your horizons? We asked Marine Boudeau, WNYC's Director of Product & User Experience and resident French person, to make us an alternative list of films to stream.

Marine's two requirements for this list are that 1. each movie can be streamed online and 2. each is (more or less) family friendly.

I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (2006) A French romantic comedy starring the delightful Alain Chabat and sultry chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg. "Most likely the cheesiest French thing available on Netflix now," says our guide. "It's the movie I've made almost all my friends watch."

The Red Balloon (1956) Marine says this is "one of the most poetic movies" she's seen. This is a simple story about a boy, his balloon, and the nature of fate. How French.  

The Taste Of Others (2000) A modern French comedy directed by Agnes Jaoui, this is considered a classic in France and stars Marine's favorite, Alain Chabat.

Manhattan (1979) Yes, we know this is not technically from France. "I wouldn't be French if I didn't include a Woody Allen movie in the list," she says. "Just watching the trailer will make you want to drink some hot chocolate under a blanket." 

Polisse (2011) An intense French drama about the Paris juvenile court system. We didn't say all of these suggestions would be fun.

Sitcom (1998) See how dramatic French families can be. This film is by one of Marine's favorite directors, Francois Ozon. He also made 8 Women, which stars just about every important French actress of the past 30 years, and is a murder-mystery musical.