Frank Loesser: Lyricist, Composer & Tony Award Winner

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The Jonathan Channel celebrates the birthday of famed composer-lyricist Frank Loesser - the man who wrote "Guys And Dolls."
Beginning in 1930s, Frank Loesser was one of the premiere lyricists during Hollywood's golden age: "Heart And Soul," "I Hear Music, "Two Sleepy People," "Let's Get Lost," "Can't Get Out Of This Mood, "Say It"...
In 1948, he conquered Broadway with "Where's Charley?" ("Once In Love With Amy"),"Guys And Dolls," "The Most Happy Fella," "How To Succeed," and others. Loesser also found the time to write the songs for the 1952 movie "Hans Christian Andersen."
His songs were witty, satirical and charming, and he won Tonys, an Oscar, and helped shape the modern Broadway musical.
Tune in today from 4PM  to 8PM as we celebrate Frank Loesser on the Jonathan Channel.