#3346: Glass-y Music

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Hear fragile and glassy music on this New Sounds program, including low-fi, 1-bit electronic music by New York-based composer Tristan Perich.  Listen to the collision of math, physics, and code, in Perich’s “Observations,” for two crotales.  (Incidentally, 1-bit is the lowest possible digital representation of audio.)  Then there’s also music by Michael Hearst (he of One Ring Zero), from his latest, “Songs for Unusual Creatures.

The record is something of a warped take on “Carnival of the Animals” or perhaps a deluxe, unreleased version of the children’s toy Super “See and Say.”  In any case, look forward to Hearst's tunes like “Glass Frog,” “Dugong” and a collaboration with the Kronos Quartet, “Aye Aye.”

PROGRAM #3346, Fragile Music (First aired on 6/5/2012)                                                          





So Percussion

So Percussion

David Lang:  The so-called Laws of Nature III, excerpt [1:30]

Cantaloupe 21022

Michael Hearst

Songs of Unusual Creatures

Glass Frog [1:55]

Urban Geek Records UGR043

Tristan Perich

Private tape

Observations [11:41]


Harry Partch - American Music Theater

Revelation in the Courthouse Park

Chorus one excerpts, [3:07]
Coda [3:36]

Tomato R2 70390
Available at Amazon.com

Miguel Frasconi

Song + Distance

Waterborne [11:12]

New Albion 111
Out of print, but try Barnes&Noble.com

Ingram Marshall

September Canons

The Fragility Cycles  [14:57]

New World 80704