Foxygen Channels Motown In Comical New Dance Video

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Dancers in a scene from Foxygen's new video for the song "Follow The Leader."

Foxygen's next full-length album, Hang, is due out Jan. 20 on Jagjaguwar. In announcing the new album today, the band released its second single, "Follow The Leader," along with a wildly infectious and comical dance video. In it, Foxygen singer Sam France twists, turns and skips through a park in a series of choreographed dance moves, while a group of befuddled friends attempts to keep up with every move.

"Follow The Leader" sounds like vintage Motown, with a lushly orchestrated mix of soul and pop. It's the second song released from Foxygen in recent weeks. The band's previous single, "America," is a strange, shape-shifting anthem.

Hang was recorded on analog with a 40-piece orchestra at Electro Vox Studios in Los Angeles. It features collaborations with Matthew E. White, Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips and The Lemon Twigs.

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