The Story Of Fosse; Princess Music Plays Live; Cochlear Implants

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Sam Wasson's biography of Bob Fosse explores the man behind the legendary dance moves.

In this episode: In Fosse, a new biography of the legendary dancer and choreographer Bob Fosse, author Sam Wasson reveals the insecure, insanely brilliant man who forever changed the way we dance.

Then, Colorado chamber-pop quintet Princess Music play songs from Odobenidae -- the band's new album named after the marine mammal family that includes the walrus -- in the Soundcheck studio.

And: Since the 1970's, cochlear implants have allowed more than 200,000 deaf people to hear. But it might surprise you to hear that the implants do not allow for hearing music -- at least the way that those with normal hearing do. Dr. Charles Limb explains why, and what some researchers are doing to change that.