Forget the Bat Signal: This Is a Protest : Slideshow

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jenna Pope

99%: The first projection by Mark Read was the 99% "Bat Signal" during Occupy Wall Street — which inspired a group of activists to join him in creating The Illuminator. That 99% logo has become their signature projection, and it's even on their business cards.

Kyle Depew

Free Jeremy Hammond: To keep their funding going, The Illuminator has been beaming for hire, so long as they believe in the cause. Jeremy Hammond is a former member of the hacking network "Anonymous."

Jenna Pope, courtesy of The Illuminator

Eyeball: The Illuminator also stages "actions" on their own, like this eyeball on the Verizon tower to protest spying by the NSA.

Eric Molinsky

Save Our Stacks: Social media is crucial to getting the word out. Here members of The Illuminator and the Library Lovers League take pictures to post and tweet all night to protest a plan to close small branches and renovate the main branch of the New York City Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street.

Eric Molinsky

Inside Van: The group's "technologist" Grayson Earle developed a special projection system that counters the distortion which would normally occur when projecting a large image across a narrow street.


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