FOJBI Friday: Meet Chunyang Ding, Science Writer For The Stars

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FOJBI Chunyang Ding

The "Friends of Joe's Big Idea" is a vibrant community of talented people we think you should meet. With our feature FOJBI Friday, we're introducing some of these cool communicators of science, in their own words. This week: Chunyang Ding.


I'm a sophomore at Yale University studying in the Intensive Physics major. I'm interested in quantum computing and astrophysics, and am working with astronomer Marla Geha's group at Yale, as they study galaxies.

Importance of Science Communication

I strongly believe that science ought to be explained to the public, as the breakthroughs that happen in the lab can spark the curiosity of all people. Science can be a beautiful, unifying force, as people around the world search for answers to life's deeper mysteries. Good scientific communication is as essential to innovative design as a fair press is essential to our democracy.

Current Projects

I'm a staff writer and operations manager for the Yale Scientific magazine, the nation's oldest undergraduate science publication (established in 1894). I report on many topics in the physical sciences, and also write for The Scope, Yale Scientific's blog. When I'm not researching and writing, you can find me desperately trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the resources around me.

Future Plans

I plan to earn my Bachelor of Science degree from Yale in 2019, and continue on to further graduate studies in physics.

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