First Watch: Oh Pep! Has A 'Crazy Feel'

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There's an underlying tension in this languid tune by Oh Pep! that glues the song together. "Crazy Feels," is a song by one of my favorite Australian bands is about how we navigate boundaries in relationships. Those boundaries and constraints are represented in this video quite literally — by boxes, illustrated by digital artist Sergio Pastore, who told us via email that the lyrics were key to inspiring his illustrations: "The storyline, and the way the characters interact," he writes, "clearly reflects the relationship difficulties of our times." His "choice of colors, but also the background design" mirror the song's tense balance.

Oh Pep! is the music of Olivia (Oh) Hally and Pepita (Pep) Emmerichs and their band. Pep wrote to tell me how Olivia came to compose this song, which is taken from their wonderful 2016 album Stadium Cake. "Like most of our songs, this came from one of Liv's voice memo sessions, where she presses record and let's the magic happen. It was written in one sitting — and there wasn't much editing involved. This song is pretty much summed up by the last line: 'You can choose who the first to lose is'. A seemingly inescapable but inevitably doomed interaction."

Oh Pep! are currently on tour — if they are visiting your town, try to be there.

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