Autism, All Grown Up

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For adults with autism, it can be difficult to find services and programs to help navigate the world and job market.
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There are several programs designed for young autistic people that are designed to support them while their growing up. But what happens after? What happens when someone on the spectrum leaves home to go to college or get a job? 

Those some of the difficult questions Ondine Grosser and her family had to answer when she graduated high school.

Ondine is autistic and she was able to access services that helped her succeed in high school, where she got consistently high grades. But when she graduated and those services disappeared, navigating life became a lot more complicated. After just one semester of college, Ondine flunked out and withdrew. 

Jennifer Richler is a science writer and clinical psychologist. She recently wrote about Ondine's story and some of the new services emerging for young adults with autism.

Ondine and her mother, Amira Acre, also join The Takeaway. They discuss Ondine's current success after enrolling with a rare program called, ASPIRE, where Ondine receives tailored support that helps high-functioning adults with autism better navigate the job market and the world around them.