Finally, a Bit of Good News for Christie

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After more than a month of relentless news stories about abuse-of-power scandals plaguing the Christie administration, the governor got three bits of good news on Tuesday.

1) The New Jersey State Police is backing up Christie: he did not fly over Fort Lee during the week of the mysterious George Washington Bridge lane closures. The state police statement comes after its aviation unit received a subpoena Monday from a legislative committee investigating allegations that Christie surveyed the traffic jams from his state police helicopter. Christie took three flights that week in September, the state police said, but none went close to either the bridge or Fort Lee.

2) State election regulators ruled that Christie’s 2013 re-election campaign can use $126,000 left over in campaign funds to pay its legal bills. And it can even raise more money to pay for expenses related to subpoenas from both legislators and federal investigators. (But if the campaign becomes a target of possible criminal charges, the Election Law Enforcement Commission warned, it cannot use the money.)

3) The Republican Governors Association, which Christie chairs, said it raised $6 million in January — a January record for the group. That may quiet, at least for now, murmurs that Christie shouldn't remain in charge while the investigations go on.