Filmmaker Godfrey Reggio On 'Visitors,' A New Philip Glass Collaboration

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A still from Godfrey Reggio's latest film, 'Visitors.'

Thirty years ago, filmmaker Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass collaborated on Koyaanisqatsi, a film that was silent -- except for Glass' bewitching score. Koyaanisqatsi, named for a Hopi Indian word meaning "life out of balance," became an art film classic, and spawned two follow-ups in the so-called Qatsi trilogy, Powaqqatsi and Naquoyqatsi. 

Now the Reggio and Glass have collaborated again -- along with Jon Kane -- with a film that (mercifully) has an English title: Visitors.

In a conversation with Soundcheck host John Schaefer, Reggio discusses this latest project, describes how he works with Glass, and the thematic messages of his films.