FCC Votes To Undo Net Neutrality Rules

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Protesters hold a rally to support 'net neutrality' and urge the FCC to reject a proposal that would allow Internet service providers to provide paid fast lanes for websites.
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If you need a reminder of how important net neutrality is to Americans, take into account that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has received more than 1.2 million comments on the issue in the past two weeks alone. The public sentiments — both for and against the idea that all internet traffic should be treated the same — follows the FCC's proposed rollback of Obama-era regulations.

Yesterday, the agency voted to undo the net neutrality rules put in place in 2015. Chairman Ajit Pai says he's in favor of a free and open internet, but takes issue with the legal framework of the current rules.

Michael Copps, a former FCC commissioner and a current special adviser for Common Cause, a liberal non-profit advocacy group, discusses the future of net neutrality under the Trump Administration.