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Father Who Lost Much in Harlem Explosion Now Has Hope

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Doctors don't usually recommended to patients that they should eat fast food. But when 15-year-old Oscar Hernandez ate Burger King for lunch yesterday, they took it as a positive sign.

Oscar suffered life-threatening injuries from the Harlem gas explosion last month, including heavy internal bleeding from a tear in his liver. His mother and his older sister were both killed in the accident — his younger sister, 4, lived because she wasn't at home.

Oscar's father Cecilio Hernandez spoke at the Harlem Hospital today to thank all those who have supported him and his family in the aftermath. 

"I know in my heart that with the Lord's guidance and the continued support from all of you, we will overcome this tragedy and my children will have a bright and healthy future," he said through a translator. "Each day Oscar progresses and he is in good spirits."

Doctors said they hope Oscar will recover by summer.