Parents Just Don’t Understand, Tech Edition

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"I'll take one of you then!"

Mom sends a group text… to all four of her boyfriends. Another listener's mom sends the crying-laughing emoji - after their neighbor died. Stories of insensitive parents, tech-addicted kids, and the deep meanings of punctuation.

And there's one communication fail we all share, young and old. We cop out of tough conversations with a text. Yes, it's transparent, and yes, we all do it. Guys, we're better than this. 

This week, we fix intergenerational communication forever. Kidding! But we do have answers. Thanks to an expert - psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz. She's here to help. 


Music Playlist

  1. "Images of Orthocron"

    Artist: Monopole
  2. "Sand Reverie"

    Artist: Blue Dot Sessions
  3. "A Path Unwinding"

    Artist: Blue Dot Sessions
  4. "Just Below the Surface"

    Artist: Blue Dot Sessions
  5. "Simplify"

    Artist: Little Glass Men
  6. "Felt Lining"

    Artist: Blue Dot Sessions
  7. "Rewire Your Cables"

    Artist: Little Glass Men
  8. "Superstandin"

    Artist: Podington Bear