Family of Bronx Man Killed by Police Meets with Investigators

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Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office is investigating the death of a Bronx man tasered by police.

The two sisters of a Bronx man who died after being tasered by police met with investigators from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office Wednesday. 

An executive order gives Schneiderman the authority to act as special prosecutor when an unarmed civilian is killed by police or when there's questions about whether the civilian was armed and dangerous.

Police were responding to a 911 call about an emotionally-disturbed man who was armed with a knife and acting violently when they countered Ariel Galarza at his home in the Bronx. There appears to have been no knife. Instead police said Galarza was threatening officers with a glass bottle.  

But a source close to the investigation said Galarza was holding a bottle of hot sauce when he was tasered the first time and nothing at all when he was tasered a second time.

Attorney Sanford Rubinstein, who represents Galarza's sisters, said they told investigators that Galarza wasn't emotionally disturbed. He did have a learning disability.

"They talked about him and how well he was respected in the community and how he was a non-violent person," Rubinstein said. 

The city medical examiner said the cause and manner of death are still pending further studies.

Last month, the Attorney General's office said the shooting death of a schizophrenic woman by police fell out of their jurisdiction. Police said Deborah Danner was armed with a bat and that she swung it at the officer who shot and killed her.