Fall TV: It Stinks, But It Has Potential

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After a summer of re-runs and reality programs, the five major networks are rolling out a whole new roster of shows. But Slate's TV Critic Willa Paskin says the fall TV season stinks.

But Paskin did find some shows with potential:

  • Masters of Sex (Showtime): "It feels like we're in this cul-de-sac where all these ambitious shows have to be about anti-heroes who kill people and this is a show that's not about anti-heroes, but it's about all this interesting social commentary and it's kind of a sexy show and it has some really wonderful actors in it."
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox): Paskin calls this show from the creators of Parks and Recreation, "almost a good sitcom." "There were a lot of things in Brooklyn Nine-Nine that were really promising. I think Brooklyn Nine-Nine hopefully one day will get to be as funny as Parks."
  • Trophy Wife (ABC): "It has a really bad name, but it had, I thought, a really polished first episode."
  • Mom (CBS): "It was surprisingly sloppy and dark and twisted for a laugh-track sitcom on CBS. It's about a working mom, recovering alcoholic ... and her relationship with her own recovering addict mom. And it just seemed ... complicated in a way that situation would really be complicated."
  • New Girl (Fox): Paskin's last pick is not a new show, but she said, "I was just so happy for it to recur into my life. It really makes me laugh."

To hear the full interview with Willa Paskin, click on the audio link above.