A Fake Captcha Generator

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Someone went and created a fake Captcha generator

Why would something like this need to exist? Well, strictly speaking, it doesn't. The site's FAQ obliquely admits as much ("Q: Why did you make a fake captcha generator? A: Test123").

Normally, of course, a captcha is just a randomly generated string of words that you have to copy down to prove that you're not a bot. But, because we're humans and we look for meaning in randomness, captchas sometimes seem to be more than that. If a specific captcha seems funny or meaningful, people will screengrab it and maybe share it. So some captchas are the internet's equivalent of a burned piece of toast that looks like Jesus

And if that's true, than this site's real life equivalent is, obviously, the Jesus Toaster: a device to help you fake random meaning.

(via Popehat)