Faith Based Films Flood the Screen

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Russell Crowe stars in "Noah."

You might get away with skipping church, if you go to the movies instead.

This week, “Heaven is for Real,” starring Greg Kinnear, hits theaters. It's the fourth biblical or faith-based film to go into wide release this year, and it won’t be the last.

In total, we’ll see about over half a dozen faith-based films in wide release this year, including the big budget “Noah” to more modestly budgeted films like “God’s Not Dead.”

Kristen Meinzer from the Movie Date podcast said it could be a matter of money (especially following the success of the History Channel’s 10-part series "The Bible") or timing.

“A lot of people especially in conservative Christian communities and Tea Partiers might feel like their values are under attack right now. Now might be a good time, in their put those messages out,” Meinzer said.