Facebook Will Now Let You Block All Articles from Any Website

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Facebook has added a feature that actually, it seems surprising it didn’t always have.

You can now block content from any one website that you never want to see shared on your newsfeed again. If you’ve got a cousin who loves conspiracy theories, or a college friend who posts every single Upworthy article, you can put a stop to the deluge without unfriending either of them. To do this, just click the downward arrow at the top right of their post, and select “Hide All From X,” where X is the place you’re tired of seeing articles shared from.

Of course, this will only REALLY become useful when you can block by writer instead of outlet. Maybe you love Alex Goldman’s deep, insightful TLDR posts, but can’t stand the drivel that PJ Vogt hacks out. So many outlets have such a diversity of topic and talent, it’s hard to imagine a website that I’m sure I’d never, ever want to see an article from again, regardless of who wrote it.