EXTRA: Unruly Isaac Mizrahi

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Isaac Mizrahi dressing a model in one of his designs.

There’s just one more month to see fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi’s career-spanning retrospective at the Jewish Museum in New York through August 7. It’s called Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History and it’s fabulous.

Mizrahi started as a puppeteer and aspiring raconteur, but his rise to the top of the fashion world from Unzipped to QCV to Project Runway means a lot of Mizrahi fans don’t know about his Songbook obsession. To help you remember, here are some bits and scarps from the Episode 5 interview with Isaac Mizrahi of The Naked American Songbook. You’ll discover Isaac’s real feelings on saxophone solos, his troubles with flutes, and his musical guilty pleasure.

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