EXTRA: Lea + Bowie = Jazz

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Lea DeLaria attends Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" season five premiere event at Catch on Friday, June 9, 2017, in New York.

If you've watched (or binged) Orange is the New Black you might know Lea DeLaria as Big Boo. But as we showed in her Naked American Songbook episode last fall, Big Boo Sings, Too. The new season has been on Netflix for days now, so if you need some more Lea, this is for you.

Two years ago, Lea DeLaria released an album that taught us Bowie could be jazzy. At the very same time, Bowie was recording what would be his final album, showing us that Ziggy Stardust had a jazzy side.

In this Naked American Songbook EXTRA hear Lea DeLaria tell the tale of meeting Stephen Sondheim, and almost meeting David Bowie.

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