Extra Credit: A Gaggle of Plurals

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A "pomposity" of public radio hosts?

When I was 13 I knew about schools of fish and gaggles of geese. Then I read a little book of my mom's called An Exultation of Larks. Ever since I've loved obscure collective nouns for creatures, all these actual words that seem like fictional artifacts: a parliament of owls, an ostentation of peacocks, a smack of jellyfish, a murder of crows, and so many more.

Let's create some more — for human types.

Example: if Terry Gross and Ira Glass and Robert Siegel and I got together, would we be a pomposity of hosts?

Your challenge: come up with collective nouns for any of the following:

    • Conceptual artists
    • Critics
    • DJs
    • Hipsters
    • Indie filmmakers
    • IT guys
    • Operagoers
    • Trekkies
    • Venture capitalists
    • Yoga Instructors

      Post your collective noun in a Comment below, or via Twitter:

      We'll reveal our favorites on the show.

      UPDATE 5/2: James Lipton has chosen his winners. Thanks to all who participated!