EXTRA: Ari Shapiro Always Says Yes!

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Ari Shapiro in the WNYC studio.

For years, NPR's Golden Boy Ari Shapiro has been moonlighting in concert halls as a lyric baritone. The All Things Considered host became a regular guest singer for the Portland, Oregon-based group Pink Martini after a trial debut with them on stage at the Hollywood Bowl.

Way back before the election, Ari joined Julian Fleisher in the Naked American studios to discuss his work with NPR, Pink Martini, and his musical convictions.

In honor of the group's current summer tour, here is a little more Ari Shapiro and Julian Fleisher. You can hear the full episode from last November right here. In this Naked American Extra, we'll hear some cuts from Pink Martini's latest record, Je dis oui, where you can hear Shapiro singing in both Armenian and Arabic. Hear for yourself why Julian is the first to call Ari Shapiro "creamy."

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