Experiencing the Election from Behind the Bar

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This Oct. 23, 2014 photo shows Mike Burrell works the bar at Daddy-O in New York. Daddy-O has been slinging whiskey since 1999 and offers over 200 bourbons.

This election has opened the floodgate to our anxieties, nervousness, fear, anger and disgust, and it all came to a head on the night of November 8th. Bars are community spaces where we go to celebrate, vent, complain and argue - and they were packed. But what did the evening look like from behind the bar?

Two seasoned bartenders who worked on election night stop by to give us their perspective. Rosie Schaap, Drink columnist for The New York Times and the author of the memoir Drinking With Men, has bartended on and off for over 20 years, and currently tends bar on Tuesdays at South in Park Slope. Ben Wiley has bartended for 17 years. Nearly 10 years ago, he opened Bar Great Harry in Gowanus, and then went on to open and manage three other Brooklyn bars.