Ex-Port Authority Exec Said to be Buying Rivals' Web Addresses

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A former Port Authority official who allegedly ordered the mysterious lane closures at the George Washington Bridge has reportedly been buying Internet domain addresses that use the names of public officials.

The Record of Woodland Park says it's not clear why David Wildstein made the purchases. He declined their request for comment, and a top political strategist for Gov. Chris Christie said neither he nor the governor knew what Wildstein was doing.

Among the addresses are ones that use the name of Pat Foye, the authority's top executive; Barbara Buono, a Democratic state senator who lost to Christie in this year's gubernatorial race, and her running mate, labor leader Milly Silva.

Those officials and others were unaware Wildstein reserved their Internet identities. Some were stunned to hear about it.

Wildstein, a childhood friend of Christie who was his number two appointee at the Port Authority, resigned earlier this month as state lawmakers held hearings about the surprise George Washington Bridge lane closures in September. Christie's top aide at the Port Authority, Bill Baroni, resigned on Friday.

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