Eve Online Has Beaten Its Record For the Largest Online Battle In History. Again.

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A couple months weeks ago, we talked to Alex "The Mittani" Gianturco about the world of Eve Online. 

At the time, Eve Online was also hosting the largest battle in the massively multiplayer online game's 9-year history - a fight now known as The Bloodbath of B-R5RB

Usually, records like this stand for quite a while, but this record was shattered this weekend by a battle that is being affectionately referred to as the 49-U6U Slaughterhouse.

This episode is illustrative of the way that Eve works. The battle was caused not by anything that happened in game, but by an audio file of a powerful Eve player from the PIBC coalition discussing plans that amounted to a betrayal of other coalitions that they were friendly with. The audio file was shared among player communities, and with that, the battle began.

It points, once again, to the depth of this community and the careful diplomacy and fragile alliances that maintain a strange peace in this anarchic virtual space. The game itself can feel hostile to new players because of its steep learning curve, but what it reveals is a game of almost infinite complexity and similarly infinite space battles.