Eugene Mirman's Funniest Songs Of All Time; Ryan Adams Plays Live

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Ryan Adams performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Comedian and actor Eugene Mirman presents his list of The Funniest Songs Of All Time. Plus, Soundcheck asks listeners to chime in with your suggestions and stories -- and we’ll compile the (sort of) authoritative playlist at the end of the week.

Once known for his songwriting prolificacy, Ryan Adams stepped away from music for a time to deal with a crippling inner ear disorder and build his Los Angeles studio Pax-Am. Now, the singer-songwriter is back, not only with a new self-titled album of country and rock songs, but a 10-song punk EP. Hear Adams perform a pair of songs from each recording in the Soundcheck studio. Plus, he explains why 7-11 is the gravitational center for the world’s weirdos, geeks out on recording gear, and explains how Star Wars legitimizes analog recordings.