Espionage in the Age of Terror

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It is not easy to lead the encrypted life.

Espionage is the world’s second oldest profession, but with countries facing new security threats and an ever-evolving technology landscape – they have to adapt.

In this episode of America Abroad, hear about the current state of human intelligence gathering and its future. Explore how encryption affects the nature of spying, how the challenge of recruiting has changed, and what techniques agencies at home and abroad feel will give them the edge for the future.

Listen Friday, July 8 at 11pm on AM820

Guest include:

  • Catherine Crump: Law professor, at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Mel Goodman: Senior fellow, Center for International Policy
  • Michael Hayden: Former director of the CIA and the NSA
  • Vince Houghton: Historian and curator of the International Spy Museum
  • John Kiriakou: Former senior CIA Counter-Terrorism Officer and former senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 
  • John MacGaffin: Former deputy spymaster for the CIA's clandestine service
  • Jonna Mendez: Former Chief of Disguise at the CIA
  • Michael O’Hanlon: Senior fellow in Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution
  • Holly Taylor: Actress, plays Paige on FX series The Americans