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Preview: Confessions of a Nashville Power Couple

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The full episode is now available! Click here to listen.

Jason Isbell was performing in bars before he could drink in them. By his early 30s, he’d played the Grand Ole Opry, joined the Drive-By Truckers, and gotten married and divorced. And when he found himself drunk one morning in a McDonald’s parking lot, he was lucky enough to have just the right person to call: Amanda Shires, a musician he'd crushed on for years who'd eventually help him get clean. In this preview of next week's episode, they get real about what it takes to hold their marriage together on the road.

We spoke in Nashville on the day they were going house-hunting, and covered love, liquor, trust, and staying connected when everything in their lives is changing.

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires performing "Cover Me Up" on APM's Wits: