Episode 6: An Empire GIF for Every Occasion

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Bryshere Gray in the “A High Hope For A Low Heaven” episode of EMPIRE.

That scene where Cookie takes Lyon family dinner to-go? Lucious's reaction to Jamal's coming out? Anika's killer dance moves?

Tyler Menzel is the guy behind the GIFs. Maybe he didn't make them himself (though he's made plenty), but his company Giphy is responsible for the wild proliferation of these compulsively meme-able, shareable images. We find out why Empire is the most GIF-able show on TV, and Tyler shares some useful GIFs for everyday moments. 

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Here's a handy GIF for when...

...someone plays you a song that you really hate but they really like:


...you’re standing in line at the checkout and you're not sure if your card is going to go through:


...someone you don’t like walks into the room: 


...you see the person who owes you money, spending money: