Episode 2: Ludacris, You Could've at Least Taught Lucious to Rap

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Pictured L-R: Guest star Chris "Ludacris" Bridges as Officer McKnight and Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon in Empire episode 2.

Thank you, writers of Empire, for letting us stop and chill for a minute. The season 2 premiere was so bonkers, we needed an episode to regroup, to catch our breath, and to watch Hakeem hold auditions for a girl group. Yes, Lucious managed to record some dopey raps in the clink. But then you gave us prison guard Ludacris, who came in and shut it down!

And this episode also came at a good time because our last Afterparty left us with some unfinished business. The comedian Kevin Brown, a.k.a. Dot Com from 30 Rock, brought up some excellent points about race and celebrity and why every black actor in Hollywood is trying to get on Empire. So we had him back, and gave this conversation the focus it deserves. We also spend some time with Morgan DeBaun, founder & CEO of Blavity.com to discuss race and how black women are developed as characters on television. 

How are we doing? What do you think of Lucious' new tunes? Get at us: @EmpirePodcast and @JozenC. Let's keep the conversation going. 

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