Elijah Wood On 'Grand Piano'; Les Claypool's Duo De Twang Plays Live

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'Four Foot Shack,' the new album from Les Claypool's latest project Duo de Twang, is out now.

In this episode: To a generation of movie fans, actor Elijah Wood may always be Frodo. But he’s also a big music fan, which comes in handy in his new movie Grand Piano, in which he plays a famous but troubled classical pianist. He talks about faking it on the keys in the movie and about dabbling as a DJ in real life.

And: Either as the bass player and frontman for the genre-defying band Primus or his myriad side projects, Les Claypool is known for constantly stretching the sound of what his bass guitar can do. Hear Claypool and his long time musical partner Bryan Kehoe play songs from their new collaboration under the name Duo de Twang.