Election 2016: The Best of The Internet

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The day we have all been waiting for is finally here - Election Day. In a few hours, we’ll know who our next president is. But until then, a look back at some of the most best social moments of the election.

"Mean Girls" unites the nation.


Susan B. Anthony's grave draws a crowd.


Interested in some light reading? Check out #ElectionBooks.


The New Yorker is out on Election Day.


So is Donald Trump's granddaughter, Kai.


Ben Carson is asking people not to vote for him.


CNN gives us a look at where the candidates will be Tuesday night.


In case you're still undecided...


Hillary Clinton video chats with her granddaughter in Westchester County, New York.


Spiderman heads to the polls...

Just doing his civic duty #spiderman #spider-man #election2016 #voting #vote #ivoted

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Outside of NBC News in New York City.


Donald Trump makes an appearance as Uncle Sam.


Some voter anxiety still exists...


And we couldn't make this post without including some kind of cute animal from the internet.

|| #election2016 Day got me like 🐶 #pupforpresident ||

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Happy Election Day!