Education Motivation

Jairo and Eddie

Imagine: a high school where students are on a first-name basis with their principal and teachers, have personal advocate counselors, and where a failing grade doesn’t mean trouble, but an offer of help. West Brooklyn Community High School is that kind of school. Opened in 2006, West Brooklyn is designed to give students a second-chance at earning lost credits and graduating. In this report, two students—Eddie Munoz and Jairo Gomez—tell the story of how they fell dangerously behind at their previous schools and got back on track at West Brooklyn.

Jairo at school
Jairo at school ( Sanda Htyte )
Eddie at the microphone
Eddie at the microphone ( Sanda Htyte )
West Brooklyn Community High School
West Brooklyn Community High School ( Sanda Htyte )
( Sanda Htyte )