Drum Fill Friday, With Mike Kinsella Of Owls

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This week's guest Quizmaster, drummer Mike Kinsella (Owls, Joan Of Arc, Owen, American Football)

This week's guest Quizmaster is Mike Kinsella, the drummer for the bands Owls, Joan Of Arc and Cap'n Jazz and a singer and guitarist in Owen and American Football. When I first took a stab at identifying the fills and intros he selected I was immediately reminded that sometimes this little game can turn me on to some pretty awesome music I hadn't heard before. Maybe that'll be true for you. Good luck, rock stars!

If you're a Kinsella completist, Owls have a new record out called, simply, Two. And American Football just released a deluxe version of its self-titled album from 1999. Both are out on Polyvinyl Records.

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