Drugs for Ebola?

Friday, August 08, 2014

Television trucks outside Mount Sinai Hospital August 4, 2014 in New York after officials announced a male patient who recently traveled to West Africa is being tested for the ebola virus. (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty)

Anthony Fauci, immunologist and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at The National Institutes of Health, talks about the experimental drug treatment for two Americans with Ebola and the current best practices for stopping the current outbreak.


Dr. Anthony Fauci

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DLR from NYC

If the two Americans were getting sicker would we be asking why this drug isn't being given in Africa? Imagine if it had been given to two Africans instead and wasn't working... Then wouldn't we be asking why it wasn't tried on Americans first?

Aug. 08 2014 10:53 AM
Penny from Downtown

Please ask the doctor about the danger of disease mutation if the drug isn't right.

Aug. 08 2014 10:46 AM
Amy from Manhattan

Is the experimental treatment given as 1 dose, or does it need to be administered more than once (if it works)?

Aug. 08 2014 10:45 AM
john from office

Wow, Brian turned this into a white/black issue?!

Ebola as a Stop and Frisk segment. White People Are SOOO Evil!!!

Aug. 08 2014 10:42 AM
Joel Rice from ny

Science Magazine has some articles on ebola

Aug. 08 2014 10:14 AM
Ed from Larchmont

Would that it were a hoax. Apparently it does what AIDS does, just much faster. If AIDS was meant to drive us away from sinful activity, it didn't work, we went in the opposite direction, so now we have Ebola. In ebola the immune system targets the blood vessel walls and the person bleeds to death internally, is that right?

Aug. 08 2014 08:24 AM

It would be funny if all this ebola hype was just manufactured hysteria in a scheme to pump and dump some pharmaceutical stock.

Aug. 08 2014 07:53 AM

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