Drug 10,000 Times Stronger Than Morphine Spreads In U.S.

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In this photo provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a member of the RCMP opens a printer ink bottle containing the opioid carfentanil imported from China, in Vancouver. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police via AP)

As the nation’s opioid epidemic continues to grow, a new drug is surfacing in some states that is 100 times more potent than fentanyl, the cause of many opioid-related deaths in recent months.

The newer drug, carfentanil, is used as an elephant tranquilizer and is so dangerous that it has been banned for use in war.

Here & Now‘s Robin Young speaks with Commander Dennis Lowe of the Major Crimes Unit in Ohio about the threat the drug brings not just to drug users, but to their family, friends and even to first responders and law enforcement.


Dennis Lowe, president of the Ohio Narcotic Officer Association.

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