#3378: Drones, Sometimes Words

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Listen to acoustic drones, electronic drones, overtone singing and sometimes even words for this New Sounds program. From New York-based composer Kitty Brazelton, hear music from her work, "Ecclesiastes: A Modern Oratorio," containing texts from the Book of Ecclesiastes, re-translated from the Hebrew and Latin by Brazelton herself. Also, hear music from the late William Duckworth, both acoustic and from the gargantuan, innovative web-based piece, "Cathedral," incorporating the pitchweb from the turn of the century.  Plus, there’s music from Annie Gosfield, whose work combines acoustic and electronic sounds. On her record, “Almost Truths and Open Deceptions,” she combines piano with samples of detuned and prepared piano, a grinding cement mixer, the howl of a malfunctioning shortwave radio, and a mixed din of tube noise and other failing technologies.

PROGRAM #        3378, Drones, Sometimes Words   (First aired on 9/13/2012)                                                       





William Duckworth / Neely Bruce

The Time Curve Preludes

Duckworth : The Time Curve Preludes: One [2:21]

Lovely Music #2031.** online at www.lovely.com etc.*

Annie Gosfield

Almost Truths and Open Deceptions

Phantom Shakedown [8:13]

Tzadik 8088

Kitty Brazelton

Ecclesiastes : A Modern Oratorio

the beginning and ending of all things [17:20]

Innova 727

William Duckworth w/DJ Tamara and Stuart Dempster

Cathedral (web-based) / seattle's groovetech web radio, 1999

William Duckworth - The Opening - The Pitchweb in Concert [16:49]

This recording not commercially available.  “Cathedral” exists online here: cathedral.monroestreet.com