Drinks Male Tears Gabfest Edition

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The Gabfest panelists have much to talk about this week: more news from the Middle East's primary terror group, another film adaptation of a book, the influence of soundtracks and more.

On the political spectrum: the panelists discuss the long-term impacts of the ongoing problems in Ferguson, as well as the execution of American photojournalist James Foley by ISIS.

On the cultural side: the panelists discuss the new movie adaptation of Lois Lowry’s dystopian schoolroom-staple The Giver. Can Jeff Bridges’ version outshine the Hunger Games juggernaut, or is The Giver’s anti-conformist message too outdated to be interesting? Next up, Slate’s Amanda Hess has identified an interesting seam of Internet conversation: ironic misandry. Can a political joke ever truly be funny? Can a funny joke ever be effectively political? Finally, given the massive success of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, a conversation is in order. Our critics talk about great soundtrack albums, the marriages of celluloid and songs you should know and love.

You'll find links to some of the items mentioned in this episode on the Political Gabfest and Culture Gabfest show pages. You can also join the Gabfest discussion all week long at the Political Gabfest Facebook page and the Culture Gabfest Facebook page