Drawing Pictures With Your Run Mapping App

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Look, I run for exercise, but I don't like it. Sure, I love the feeling of accomplishment, but I think my biggest problem with it, aside from the fact that I am not all that athletic, is that it's just boring. I try to spice it up with high energy running mixes and, of course, listening to podcasts, but I just haven't found a way to make it entertaining. I guess that's because I'm not as enterprising as copywriter Claire Wyckoff, whose new blog, "Running Drawing" may have finally come up with a way to make running fun.

The conceit is simple. Claire uses her Nike+ to draw pictures on maps when she runs. She's done drawings as mundane as a Corgi:

And as complex as a Mennonite.

And, of course, penises.

Lots of penises.

Seriously. Lots of penises.

What a simple, delightful use of technology. I am hoping this continues until she paints a Rembrandt.