Doug Paisley: A Plaintive And Stirring Country Croon

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Doug Paisley performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Doug Paisley has the kind of plaintive country veteran croon perfectly suited for delivering simple yet stirring lines on loneliness and heartache, but warm enough to find comfort from that pain. With his previous albums, the Toronto singer-songwriter set his lyrics to easy alt-country and folk tunes that recall stark Nashville ballads and 1970's Americana recordings as a way to let the songs stand on their own.

But with his latest album, Strong Feelings, Paisley decided to woodshed his craft -- deliberately spending more time to flesh out his songs with richer instrumental textures (adding keyboards, and even saxophone), duet harmonies, and arrangements that rock a little harder. That's not to say Paisley has abandoned his minimalist trademark, nor his lyrical intimacy; he's still telling stories of vast pastoral landscapes, unravelling relationships, love and longing in lovely detail. The result is a confident next step for the always reliable songwriter.

Hear Doug Paisley and his band perform songs from Strong Feelings in the Soundcheck studio.

Set List:

  • "Where The Light Takes You"
  • "Song My Love Can Sing"
  • "It's Not Too Late (To Say Goodbye)"