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Friday, February 28, 2014

“Vision” by Carol Steen, 1996
Carol Steen

Vision, 1996

This painting was inspired by Carol Steen's visions during an acupuncture treatment. It is the first painting she created using only what she saw synesthetically.

“Blue Streak” by Carol Steen, 2005
Carol Steen

Blue Streak, 2005

Blue Streak was inspired by the brief sensation of getting a flu shot.

“Runs Off in Front, Gold” by Carol Steen, 2003
Carol Steen

Runs Off in Front, Gold, 2003

Steen explains, “This painting is based on an especially colorful photism that occurred while I listened to Santana's version of a song called “Adouma,” written by Angélique Kidjo. I played this song over and over again as I painted the moving colors.”

“Red Comma on Blue” by Carol Steen, 2004
Carol Steen

Red Comma on Blue, 2004

Inspired by the song “Show Me” by Megastore, Steen describes the voice in this song as transparent blue with swift rotating movements, and the drums as red arcs.

“Clouds Rise Up” by Carol Steen, 2004
Carol Steen

Clouds Rise Up, 2004

Steen created this painting after hearing a musician play the Shakuhachi flute. She explains, “Each note he played had two sounds and two colors: red and orange, which is why the two colors you see move together as one shape on the slightly metallic green surface.”

“Gold Swirl and Violet” by Carol Steen, 2001
Carol Steen

Gold Swirl and Violet, 2001

This painting was inspired by Steen's chance encounter with an R&B band performing on the streets of Midtown Manhattan.