State Secrets Revealed? Hydrogen Bomb Architect Moves Forward With Memoir

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Mushroom cloud from the first test of a hydrogen bomb, 1952.
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The atomic bomb's cousin, the far more destructive hydrogen bomb, has remained shrouded in secrecy in the many decades since its creation. 

Ken Ford, a physicist and author of 10 books on science, was there from the start of the H Bomb's creation. He tries to shed some light onto how it came into being in his latest book, a memoir entitled "Building the H Bomb: A Personal History." 

In the early pages of the memoir, he writes, "In my considered opinion, this book contains nothing whose dissemination could possibly harm the United States or help some other country seeking to design and build an H bomb."

The U.S. government, however, takes a different view—and has asked Ford to remove roughly 10 percent of his book—over concerns that the book shares too many state secrets.