Documentary Sheds New Light on Death Row Case

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The planned executions of seven Arkansas death row inmates in 11 days has once again shined a spotlight on America's multifaceted debate around the criminal justice system and capital punishment. Two of Arkansas' scheduled executions were stayed this week, but two more are expected to move forward unless a judge rules to delay.   

In the state of Oklahoma, death row inmate Richard Glossip has faced execution three times, but each time he has been granted a stay due to questions about the state's lethal injection drugs. But a Supreme Court ruling has determined that the three drug cocktail Oklahoma uses to execute people does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment under the Eight Amendment; which means Glossip could be on track for execution again.  

Glossip was convicted of the murder of a motel owner in 1997 and has maintained his innocence, saying he was framed. Another man admitted to the killing, but cut a deal with police to avoid the death penalty by saying that Glossop hired him to carry out the murder.

"Killing Richard Glossip," a new documentary from Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger, is a re-investigation of the case, and the death penalty.

The four part series on Investigation Discovery TV documents important new discoveries and leads in Glossip's case, which has garnered international attention. The series is available for download here and here.  Berlinger says there will be another series to update the case.  

Check out a trailer for the docu-series above, and click on the 'Listen' button to hear our full conversation with Joe Berlinger.