The Doctor Will See (All Of) You Now

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We’ve all been to the doctor, and we all know how it goes. Check in with the receptionist, sit in the waiting room, and then after some time, meet one-on-one with the doctor for a few minutes.

But imagine that the scenario is slightly different.

You still check in and sit in the waiting room. But rather than meet one-on-one with the doctor when your name is called, you meet with the doctor and several other patients. You and the other patients talk about your symptoms together. You get advice from the doctor together. Yes, you even get examined together.

For those of us who are used to traditional doctors visits, this might sound like a nightmare. But more and more doctors are seeing their patients in groups these days. Today, 13 percent of medical practices have the option of group doctor visits.

Dr. Alexander Kuo, a professor of medicine and director of hepatology at University of California-San Diego. He uses the group visit method with his transplant patients at the UC-San Diego Clinic.

But Rabeh M.A. Soofi isn't sure group doctor visits are such a good idea. She's an attorney who handles privacy cases in Los Angeles.

They join The Takeaway to discuss the trend of group medical visits.