'Agony and Horror' in Ohio Execution

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The lethal injection room at San Quentin State Prison.
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The case of Dennis McGuire, an Ohio man sentenced to death for rape and murder, has raised questions about the future of death penalty execution in the United States.

Ohio officials executed McGuire last Thursday by using a new, two-drug, lethal injection protocol recently developed by the state. The procedure had not been tested before McGuire's death, and eyewitness accounts indicate that McGuire suffered excruciating pain before he died, with several news outlets reporting that it took him up to 25 minutes to die

Dr. David Waisel is an anesthesiologist at Boston Children's Hospital. He served as an expert witness for McGuire's defense team, and he testified that McGuire would suffer "agony and horror" before he died. By all accounts, he was right. Dr. Waisel joins The Takeaway to discuss why this combination of drugs was used.